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Sentient (Night Seascapes)

The ocean is simultaneously dangerous and beautiful. I was attracted to this duality and began to photograph the waves at night, a time when the ocean feels the most unknown and un-navigable. Although the ocean is physically the same at night as it is in the day, our perception of it changes in the dark. Unable to see the water at night, we feel uncertain about our surroundings. Even photography, a medium of light, captured only the white crash of waves, the lone visible sign of the water in the darkness. The white seemed sentient and in a sense was the mark by which we could know the ocean at night. Waves visualize the power of the ocean and in the black void of the night the swirls of white in Sentient hint at that unseen energy we know in our minds to be present.


Sentient XV (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient IV (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient XII (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient V (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient II (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient XX (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient VI (photograph, 30x40")
Sentient VIII (photograph, 30x40")