Melissa Fleming - Artist Exploring the Natural World
  American Glaciers
  Sentient (Night Seascapes)
  Sea Change (Ocean Photograms)
  Under Glass
  The Space In Between
  Wax Flora
  On the Water
  Orchid Haze
  New York City
A look at the surface of water from above and below.
Beneath the Waves 28 (photograph)
Beneath the Waves 36 (photograph)
Beneath the Waves 12 (photograph)
Above the Waves 76 (photograph)
Above the Waves 82 (photograph)
Above the Waves 86 (photograph)
Sand Waves 2 (photograph)
Sand Waves 5 (photograph)
Sand Waves 6 (photograph)
Sand Waves 9 (photograph)
Sand Waves 3 (photograph)