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Working outdoors, I often cross paths with local wildlife ...
Wildlife: Rolling Bear (photograph)
Wildlife: Brown Bear in Grass (photograph)
Wildlife: Bear Silhouette (photograph)
Wildlife: Mama Bear with Cub (photograph)
Wildlife: Two Big Horn Sheep (photograph)
Wildlife: Big Horn Sheep (photograph)
Wildlife: Bison II (photograph)
Wildlife: Bison I (photograph)
Wildlife: Coyote (photograph)
Wildlife: Mountain Goat I, (photograph)
Wildlife: Mountain Goat II (photograph)
Wildlife: Hoary Marmot (photograph)
Wildlife: Prairie Dog (photograph)
Wildlife: Pika (photograph)
Wildlife: Ground Squirrel (photograph)
Wildlife: Moose Crossing River (photograph)
Wildlife: Salamander (photograph)
Wildlife: Manatee (photograph)
Wildlife: Whale Tail (photograph)