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American Glaciers ... Going, Going, Gone

Melting glaciers are one of the most visible manifestations of climate change.  Essentially massive rivers of ice, they are particularly sensitive to rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns. For centuries, glaciers around the world have advanced and retreated in response to localized conditions. Today, however, our average global temperature is increasing and the vast majority are in retreat. Focused on the US, the images in this ongoing series document glaciers in the few states where they still remain and highlight how the American landscape is changing.

Glacial Tongue, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Meltwater Lake, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Byron Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Portage Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Icebergs from Portage Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Kahiltna Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Exit Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Arete emerging from Pika Glacier, Alaska, 2013 (photograph)
Grinnell and Salamander Glaciers, Montana 2016 (photograph)
Harrison Glacier, Montana, 2016 (photograph)
Rainbow Glacier, Montana, 2016 (photograph)
Carter Glacier, Montana, 2016( photograph)
Jackson Glacier, Montana, 2016 (photograph)
Sperry Glacier, Montana, 2016 (photograph)
Emmons Glacier I, Washington, 2017 (photograph)
Wilson, Nisqually, and Paradise Glaciers, Washington, 2017 (photograph)
Eliot Glacier, Oregon, 2018 (photograph)
Palmer and White River Glaciers with the White River, Oregon, 2018 (photograph)
Arapaho Glacier, Colorado, 2019 (photograph)
Teton Glacier, Wyoming, 2019 (photograph)
Skillet Glacier, Wyoming, 2019 (photograph)
Wheeler Peak Glacier, Nevada, 2022 (photograph)